We have had a lot of inquiry on financing! We are set up for it now the only thing that we ask is that you speak with us prior to filling out an application. We need to know which puppy you are applying for so we don’t accidentally sell that puppy while you are trying to get approved. I hope that makes sense. We do require a non refundable deposit to hold the puppies even when financing. It does however, come off the total. We also do not deal with buyers remorse so please be sure before applying. You have 3 days from the date that you've applied to decide if you dont want to move forward. After that you will be locked in with finance. Please feel free to contact us about any questions you may have!

Community Financing is what we offer! There is no extra fees tacked on. NO FEES, HASSLE FREE. Will run a hard credit check. Want to make sure you are who you say you are. Can combine bulk things together if you happened to purchase a crate and a puppy, or more then one puppy with or without shipping etc can combine in one total. Payments will depend on customer, their pay days etc. Feel free to give them  a call as well with any questions you may have!