We have had a lot of inquiry on financing which is great! Just a heads up that the financing company charges a 5% fee on any transactions off your loan. So, that being said, customers will have to apply for more to cover those fees or makeup the amount that we would lack, through paypal. Also in order to do a loan through the financing company for our business the TOTAL cost must be $1000 or more.We prefer for our customers to visit with us about the puppy that they are inquiring about and talk to us about the financing process before following through with an application. If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask! Our financing price for each puppy is listed in the details section in thier ad.


Community Financing is now another option that we offer! There is no extra fees tacked on. NO FEES, HASSLE FREE. Will run a hard credit check. Want to make sure you are who you say you are. Can combine bulk things together if you happened to purchase a crate and a puppy, or more then one puppy with or without shipping etc can combine in one total. Payments will depend on customer, their pay days etc. Feel free to give them  a call as well with any questions you may have!